Ialuset Cream, 100g

Ialuset Cream, 100g

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Ialuset hyaluronic acid cream Tube 100g

Hyaluronic acid is a natural element of the epidermis and, like elastin , it is thanks to it that a young skin is naturally plump, luscious and wrinkle-free because it helps to fill the spaces between the various cutaneous fibers. However, as early as the age of 20, the natural stocks of hyaluronic acid in our skin diminish and at 50 years only 50% of the capital of this precious molecule remains. It is then that the spaces between the fibers of the skin are more difficult to fill and that the wrinkles are accentuated!

Hydrating and plumping creams based on hyaluronic acid are an effective and alternative solution to injections of fillers to fight against wrinkles.

Description Ialuset Moisturizing Cream Tube 100g

Indications of this medical treatment: Healing of uninfected, oozing or superinfected wounds. 

Ialuset cream is a dermatological treatment composed of hyaluronic acid that acts at all stages of the healing process . It accelerates the healing of the skin and the reepithelialization of the cutaneous lesions. Itshygroscopic power maintains a moist environment favorable to the process of tissue regeneration of a wound.

In addition, ialuset cream based on hyaluronic acid is ideal for dehydrated skin that tugs after cleaning. This moisturizing treatment can also be used on the skin of the face, as a cream of day or night, to prevent or treat the first wrinkles in men or women.

Highly moisturizing, corrective, anti-wrinkle or anti-slackening, the anti-aging creams that act on cutaneous aging often include ingredients specifically selected for their repairing skin action of the upper layers of the dermis. 
The moisturizer for the face restores this hydrolipidic barrier by adding active ingredients that help solve the little problems of your skin.

Directions for use Ialuset Restorative Cream 100g

After cleansing the wound with saline, apply the repair cream directly to the wound in a thick layer 2-3 mm thick.

  • Detect the cutaneous wound.
  • Apply directly to the wound layer 2-3 mm thick and cover with sterile gauze or apply on sterile gauze applied to the wound.
  • Keep the set together with a bandage.

1 application per day until complete healing.

Hyaluronic acid is neither fat nor occlusive. It is Moisturizing and Plumping.

Composition Ialuset Healing Cream Tube 100g

Sodium hyaluronate 
Excipients: surfactant, oleic acid decylester, emulsifying wax, humectant, glycerol, methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate and propyl-p-hydroxybenzoate, dihydroacetate, acidifier, perfume, water.

Presentation Ialuset Cream with hyaluronic acid

Cream tube of 100g.

The price of this treatment is freely determined by your pharmacist.

Learn more about healing and healing creams

The purpose of healing creams is not to replace the natural healing of small lesions but to speed up the process. This allows the skin to recover as soon as possible a smoother appearance. 
Whether to stop the inflammation of a pimple or to prevent a wound from getting infected, most healing treatments include anti-bacterial molecules. Thus, they heal the wound or pimple while preventing the development of germs that can lead to longer lesions to heal. That's why there is the Ialuset Plus Cream, enriched in Silver, which is naturally antiseptic.

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