Otostick Baby Ear Correctors

Otostick Baby Ear Correctors

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Otostick Baby ear corrector - from 3 months of age - 8 correctors 



Aesthetic correctors for protruding ears. Each package contains 8 correctors and a cap. Transparent silicone, hypo-allergenic prosthesis for external use; stuck to the area behind the ear and the contiguous area of the head using a special adhesive which keeps the ear in a suitable position naturally. For use from the age of 3 months. As a precautionary measure, use Otostick® Cap to prevent the baby reaching the corrector. 


Product Details

-Avoid excessive separation of the ears.

-From three months of age.

-Silicone prosthesis.

-Hypoallergenic adhesive.

-8 correctors + reusable elastic hat.

-Single use.



-Do not use in children under three months of age. 
-Do not use on wounds, sunburnt or irritated skin.

-Use each corrector once only.

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