Keratin Liquid, 60 ml

Keratin Liquid, 60 ml

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Kativa Keratin Liquid, 60 ml

Nourishing oil with a light, smooth and non-greasy texture that provides shine and protection to the hair with chemical and mechanical processes.

Benefits of Keratin Liquid:

Free of salt, sulfates, parabens and gluten.
Nourishes and protects hair.
Seal the cuticles.
Provides shine and softness.

How to use Keratin Liquid:

Apply a few drops of liquid keratin kativa on the palm of your hand.
Rub both hands and apply to your hair, from the middle to the ends, as a hairstyle. Do not rinse.
Recommended for hair with chemical processes (Color, highlights, bleaching, straightening, among others) and mechanical (constant exposure to Brushing and Ironing).
For best results, we recommend using the entire kativa keratin product line.

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