Mavala Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener 5 ml

Mavala Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener 5 ml

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Mavala Scientifique K+ Nail Hardener, 5 ml

Mavala Cientifico K+ Nail Hardener 5 ml has been developed to help split, soft or brittle nails immediately regain a normal appearance, hardening them and giving them a beautiful shine.

The formula of this product hardens the horny plate causing a seal between the three layers of the nail, generating as a consequence an immediate absorption that favors its instantaneous action.

Benefits of Mavala Cientifico K+ Nail Hardener:

Promotes the care of the nail as it is a weak area that deteriorates very easily.

Helps to generate the hardening of the nails immediately.

It includes an innovative formula that provides strength due to the sealing of the three layers found in the cornea of the nail, exerting its penetration immediately.

Ingredients of Mavala Cientifico K+ Nail Hardener:

It contains crystalline resin tears of pistachio mastic and a gum extract that interact with the natural keratinization process of the nail, which have been mixed with:

  • Dimethyl urea: is a hardener of the keratin found in the nails.
  • Crystal resin tears: extracted from the mastic tree that exerts a stimulation on the natural process called nail keratinization.
  • MAVALA exclusive complex: regenerates and strengthens nails because it does not dry nails.

Does not contain formaldehyde.

How to use Mavala Cientifico K+ Nail Hardener:

Before using the product, remove all traces of paint or grease and carefully clean the nail by applying Mavala Cientifico K+ Nail Hardener 5 ml over the entire nail.

After application, it is required to act for a period of one minute, so you should wait to apply a coat of paint.

It is recommended to use it a maximum of twice a week until the nails are observed to have reached the desired hardness, after having reached this result it will only be necessary to apply it for two or three weeks.

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