Audispray Ear Cleaning Solution 50 ml

Audispray Ear Cleaning Solution 50 ml

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Audispray Ear Cleaning Solution 50 ml

Audispray Ear Cleaning Solution 50 ml provides safe and healthy hygiene of our ears Cerumen is formed by sebum, which is the secretion of the ceruminous glands of the external portion of the external auditory canal, epithelial desquamation, and hair debris, it fulfills the function of protecting the auditory meatus from the internal part.

On many occasions people looking to clean the auditory canal use various foreign elements such as cotton swabs, matchsticks, and even pens to extract the earwax, but with that, they only get that the wax is impacted more let's say in-depth on the auditory canal, they also alter the pH which is usually low and the content of fatty acids of the earwax decreases its ability to protect and defend against germs to which we are exposed.

Let's remember that in most cases it is the same person who produces the earwax blockage because he/she uses a bad technique or manipulation of the ear when trying to clean it, this type of discomfort is one of the most consulted (mild hypoacusis which is described as the sensation of the blocked ear).

Benefits of Audispray Ear Cleaning Solution:

  • Audispray adult is a 100% natural product
  • It is based on filtered seawater and microbiologically controlled, proven effective for hygiene and total safety.
  • Audispray for adults, used regularly, avoids the use of cotton swabs and prevents the formation of earwax plugs.

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