Biafine Act Skin Emulsion 139.5 g

Biafine Act Skin Emulsion 139.5 g

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Biafine Act Skin Emulsion, 139.5 g

Biafine Act cream has been developed to repair and regenerate skin conditions.

It is a cream to always have at home to provide a solution to the problems that our skin may suffer with irritations, redness, etc.

It is a moisturizing cream, which improves the upper layers of the epidermis helping the process of repair and regeneration of the skin.

It spreads easily.

Ingredients of Biafine Act Skin Emulsion:

Biafine contains trolamine as the main ingredient of its formula, combined with other components such as ethylene glycol stearate, kerosene, stearic acid, cetyl palmitate and avocado oil.

How to use Biafine Act Skin Emulsion:

For burns apply a thick layer of Biafine on the affected area, two to four times a day, and massage the skin gently until the cream is completely absorbed. Finally, use a wet dressing to relieve pain and cool the skin. Before using the article, however, it is necessary to clean the area with water or a disinfecting product.

On the other hand, for inflamed skin as a result of radiotherapy or other treatments, apply a gentle massage on the skin. In the event that the swelling is caused by a radiotherapy treatment, consult your doctor or pharmacist beforehand to find out if its application is recommended for you.

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