Bañoftal Dry Eye Drops, 10 ml

Bañoftal Dry Eye Drops, 10 ml

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Banoftal Dry Eye Drops, 10 ml

Bañoftal Ojo Seco (Dry Eye) Multidose 0.4% 10 ml is a sterile moisturizing solution for ophthalmic use with physiological pH for the relief of discomfort associated with dry eye that contains 0.4% Hyaluronic Acid that guarantees adequate lubrication of the ocular surface, protecting the eye from friction caused by eye movements and distilled water from plants that exert a soothing, refreshing and repairing action on the ocular surface.

Lubricating drops, with 0.4% hyaluronic acid and distilled plant water. Without phosphates. Without preservatives.


Indicated for the relief of dry eyes or irritation of the ocular mucosa caused by:

  • Environmental factors: exposure to solar radiation, air conditioning, wind, smoke, pollution.
  • Mechanical factors: use of contact lenses, after eye surgery; providing long-term relief. Visual stress: excessive use of light, computers, eyestrain.


Apply 1-2 drops in each eye frequently as needed. After application close the container immediately. The product can be used for 6 months from the opening of the container. Indicated for frequent use several times a day according to personal needs or doctor's recommendations

It can be used with contact lenses, as it does not contain preservatives.

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