Xhekpon Shower And Bath Gel, 400 ml

Xhekpon Shower And Bath Gel, 400 ml

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Xhekpon Shower And Bath Gel, 400 ml

Shower and bath gel, with lipoproteins and collagen similar to those of the skin itself with creamy foaming effect. Moisturizes, emulsifies and disperses. Sanitizes, recovers and maintains skin and hair health.

Xhekpon Gel 400 ml is a bath gel for daily hygiene. The concentration and quality of lipoproteins and hydrolyzed collagen present in Xhekpon Gel make it highly effective, not only in its cleansing function, but also in rebalancing, soothing, softening and protecting the skin and hair.
It is responsible for helping to recover the strength of the skin damaged by the use of inappropriate soaps, as well as protecting and renewing the skin. Its daily use guarantees the softness and smoothness necessary for the preservation of a young and elastic skin.
Indicated for the daily hygiene of the whole family.

How to use Xhekpon Shower And Bath Gel:

Apply on wet skin until foaming. Then rinse with plenty of water. For daily use.

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