Collagen Shampoo Anti-Age

Collagen Shampoo Anti-Age

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Collagen Shampoo Anti-Age

Kativa Collagen Shampoo that cleanses, revitalizes and restructures aged hair. No sulfates, salt, or parabens.

Collagen Shampoo Anti-Age gently cleanses the hair, revitalizing the fibers and the roots, delaying progressive aging and giving it vitality and elasticity thanks to its natural assets and collagen, which act on the entire hair.

Collagen is the Kativa range that revitalizes and restructures aged hair, providing nutrients and proteins to the hair root, revitalizing, restructuring and helping its natural growth. Returns elasticity, shine and youth to hair that has lost it in its growth cycle.

Kativa is an expert brand in hair care products, made with natural components and containing no sulfates, salt, or parabens. Kativa perfectly understands the different problems that women have with their hair. Thanks to its different ranges, Argan Oil, Macadamia and Keratin, Omega Complex, Collagen, your hair will once again look healthy, shiny, nourished and beautiful.

How to use Collagen Shampoo:

Apply enough to damp hair to lather, massaging gently and leave for a couple of minutes before rinsing. Proceed to rinse meticulously and repeat the process if necessary.

It is recommended to use this product together with the rest of the same range to increase its benefits.

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