Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte 30 ml

Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte 30 ml

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Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte, 30 ml

Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte 30 ml is an effective treatment of nail mycosis, even established mycosis.

Benefits of Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte:

  • Only 1x/day
  • Immediate smooth effect
  • Compatible with nail polish

Ingredients of Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte:

Water, polyurethane, acetic acid, peppermint oil, octyl gallate, polysorbate 80, cetyl acetate, acetylated lanolin alcohols, preservatives, biotin.

How to use Excilor Nail Mycosis Treatment Forte:

  • Excilor Forte should be applied once a day, preferably after showering. Clean the nail, (if you wear nail polish, remove it completely) before application. Shake the bottle well before application. Use the brush to coat the entire surface of the nail. Be sure to apply Excilor Forte generously. Let the nail dry. It takes between 3 to 5 minutes.
  • On application, the product has a white color and a sticky film forms, on drying the film becomes transparent and the sticky effect fades. For optimal effect, it is advisable to wait up to five minutes before putting on socks and/or shoes. It is normal to have a tingling sensation under the nail after application. This proves that the product has completely penetrated the nail.
  • The film formed on the nail is resistant to water and to physical stresses such as friction. However, at the upper part of the nail, small parts of the film may come off/release. This will not affect the effectiveness of the product. A layer of nail polish can be applied over the transparent film once dry.
  • After 24 hours, remove the film. Peel off the film at an angle then roll the film gently until the nail is completely released. Hot water may facilitate peeling. Reapply product as directed above. Wash your hands well after each removal and reapplication.
  • For best results, treat the nail for a minimum of three months and continue treatment until the nail has fully recovered. Excilor Forte does not damage the nails. Make sure the bottle is tightly closed after each use to prevent product evaporation. A surplus of the product may form on the rim of the bottle.

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