Bañoftal Eye Bath, 50 ml

Bañoftal Eye Bath, 50 ml

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Bañoftal Eye Bath, 50 ml

Bañoftal Baño Ocular (Eye Bath), 50 ml is a specific daily solution for the hygiene of the conjunctiva of the eye based on Hamamelis water (decongestant and anti-inflammatory) and Calendula extract (antiseptic), cleaning the eye in depth and providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and comfort.

- Previous eye hygiene before applying any eye treatment (eye drops, ointment, etc ...) for greater absorption and effectiveness of the treatment.
- Eye hygiene in cases of exposure to external agents that cause irritation, itching, annoyances such as smoke, chlorine in swimming pools, air conditioning, loaded environments, etc ...
- Relief of discomfort caused by conjunctivitis and other mild eye conditions such as blepharitis, stye, etc ...
- Eye comfort in case of eye fatigue due to prolonged fixation of sight on digital screens, driving of vehicles, reading or after wearing contact lenses for an excessive time.


  • We recommend previously cleaning the eye of accumulated impurities in the eyelids and eyelashes area with Bañoftal ophthalmic wipes.
  • Put a quantity of the solution in the eye bath, undiluted.
  • Tilt the head back and open and close the eyes several times. You can do several repetitions with an approximate duration of 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the same operation in the other eye, using a new amount of Bañoftal eye bath.

Use as many times as necessary. Wash your hands beforehand.
Bañoftal eye bath facilitates and guarantees the correct application of the daily solution. It is administered with an ergonomic bathtub (included in the pack), especially for the elderly.

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