Bañoftal Eye Bath Monodose, 0.4 ml 20 uds.

Bañoftal Eye Bath Monodose, 0.4 ml 20 uds.

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Bañoftal Eye Bath Monodose, 0.4 ml 20 uds.

Bañoftal Baño Ocular (Eye Bath) is a solution to relieve eye discomfort such as itching, dryness, congested, irritated and red eyes, even with contact lenses. Cleanses and soothes congested, irritated or bothersome eyes.

Cools and soothes congested eyes even with contact lenses. Bañoftal liquid eye bath is a solution for the relief of eye discomfort. Its eye cleaning and hygiene action will help you remove traces of chlorine, dust, and other microorganisms from the eye, as well as soothe and hydrate your eyes. With a comfortable application, Bañoftal will relieve eye itching and combat dryness.

Composition of Bañoftal Baño Ocular 20 uds. single dose 0.4 ml.:

  • Calendula extract
  • Hammamelis water
  • Two derivatives of medicinal plants scientifically recognized for their soothing properties
  • Boric acid
  • Dixodium tetraborate (BIO)


You can use it more than once a day, although it is recommended to use it especially at night, when the eyes are tired and bothered by the daily aggressions caused by smoke, long time in front of the computer screen, exposure to heating or air conditioning, and other factors.

Practical single-dose container for total safety and hygiene.

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