Good Burn Gummies, 60 units

Good Burn Gummies, 60 units

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Good Burn Gummies, 60 units

The Good Burn are slimming gummies specially designed to burn fat. They have been formulated with a complex of cola, garcinia, ascophyllum (brown seaweed) and pineapple, essential nutrients to reduce the absorption of fat by the body, limit the intake of calories in the body, help to burn fat in order to slim.

60 gummies per bottle for 30 days.

Ingredients of Good Burn Gummies:

  • Cola: The cola nut (or kola) comes from the "colatier" tree native to West Africa. It is a medicinal plant recognized in the world of diet and weight loss, as a diuretic and muscle tonic. Its use during weight loss programs helps to eliminate excess weight and boosts metabolism. Cola also improves physical endurance, essential to promote fat burning during exercise. It therefore helps to burn fat, prevent weight gain and ensure weight control.
  • Garcinia: Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit from India and Southeast Asia that reduces appetite and eliminates fat stored and located in the body. Garcinia Cambogia helps to control weight, reduces hunger, cravings for sugar and also helps to keep blood sugar and fat levels normal.
  • Ascophyllum: This extremely nutritious brown seaweed that grows in the Atlantic Ocean has a very effective slimming action. Thanks to its active compounds, it limits the storage of fat in our body, promotes digestion and helps regulate cholesterol levels. Rich in vitamins B and C and in trace elements (zinc, copper, selenium and iron) it helps to avoid possible deficiencies linked to diets.
  • Pineapple: Extracted from the pineapple stem, bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that increases tenfold the effects of food supplements taken simultaneously and reduces excessive weight gain. Thanks to its anti-oedematous power, bromelain will allow to reduce cellulite associated with water retention. It also stimulates the elimination of fats and sugars and facilitates the drainage of toxins.

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