Pilopeptan Hair Loss Treatment 60 Capsules

Pilopeptan Hair Loss Treatment 60 Capsules

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Pilopeptan Hair Loss Treatment, 60 Capsules

Hair loss is influenced by many factors, including genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, hostile external conditions (changes in season), internal physiological changes, etc., all of which may disrupt the normal intake of nutrients. Pilopeptan capsules provide the recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals for hair. Pilopeptan capsules' zinc, selenium and biotin help keep hair and nails in a healthy condition.

Pilopeptan Hair Loss Treatment is a food supplement that fights occasional or acute hair loss in women. It acts by compensating nutritional deficiencies in certain states that can cause alopecia.

Ingredients of Pilopeptan Hair Loss Treatment:

Hydrolyzed gelatin, L-cystine, L-methionine, selenium, zinc, ferric pyrophosphate and B vitamins such as folic acid and biotin (vitamin B7) to achieve the best results and also has hyaluronic acid, so that the hair is nourished and strengthened.

It is indicated for women with occasional or acute hair loss.

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