Pilopeptan Woman Hair Serum, 30 ml

Pilopeptan Woman Hair Serum, 30 ml

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Pilopeptan Woman Hair Serum, 30 ml

Pilopeptan Hair Serum from Laboratorios Genové is formulated for use on female hair. It repairs and protects hair damaged from the excessive use of dryers or thermal devices on it. Pilopeptan Serum strengthens and repairs the hair fiber and gives your hair a silky and shiny appearance when applied. It has a very characteristic and peculiar smell that we love.

How to use Pilopeptan Hair Serum:

You can apply it on wet or dry hair, you decide. In either of the two applications you will not be disappointed. If you apply it wet, you will take advantage of it to loosen the hair from the roots before drying. What do you get with this fact? increase the volume of your hair by drying it, give it a casual and natural air and give the appearance of loose and strong hair.

Effects of Pilopeptan Hair Serum:

It gives it elasticity and shine and also prevents hair loss and breakage of the hair fiber. It largely avoids the frizz of thick, curly or punished hair by the use of thermal devices. It works even on wet or rainy days, days that do not favor at all for the hairstyle to remain intact during the day.

It is indicated for use on hair with a tendency to dryness or damaged by dyes, highlights, frequent drying, use of straightening irons and other treatments that can attack the hair fiber and give our hair a deteriorated appearance. It is composed without alcohol and without parabens so it can be used daily by any type of hair even the weakest, it will only provide benefits.

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