Post Hair Straightening Kit 2 uds.

Post Hair Straightening Kit 2 uds.

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Post Hair Straightening Kit 2 uds.

Kativa Post Hair Straightening Kit 2 uds. is especially recommended for after a Brazilian straightening treatment. It is also perfect for rehydrating damaged or weakened hair.

Kativa Post Hair Straightening Kit acts deeply on the inner layers of the hair fiber and recovers its natural properties of your hair. Hair looks hydrated, shiny and with a silky texture. In addition, the natural active ingredients Kativa combine perfectly to protect your hair in the healthiest way.

The Kativa Post Hair Straightening Kit is made up of Kativa shampoo and Kativa conditioner so that your hair is clean and nourished for a long time.

Kativa Post Hair Straightening Shampoo:

Kativa shampoo with keratin without formaldehyde and Arginine leaves your hair protected and deeply hydrated. In addition, Kativa shampoo, as it does not contain salt, maintains the results of the treatment for much longer, whether it is Kativa straightening, volume reduction or simply dyeing.

Kativa Post Hair Straightening Conditioner:

Kativa Conditioner is an extra creamy balm with a smooth texture. Kativa conditioner is rich in natural antioxidants that deeply hydrate and soften your hair. Kativa eliminates frizz. Healthier and stronger hair is possible with Kativa.

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