Post Hair Straightening Kit 3 Uds.

Post Hair Straightening Kit 3 Uds.

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Kativa Post Hair Straightening Kit 3 Uds.

Post Hair Straightening Kit is your ideal complement to keep your hair docile and full of life for a long time.

The Kativa Post Hair Straightening Kit is a special maintenance treatment based on Keratin and Arginine designed for straightened hair. Kativa will give your hair a spectacular shine and hydration. Also, this Kativa kit is ideal for recovering the life of damaged, dry or dull hair.

Kativa post straightening shampoo without salt:
Kativa's post-straightening shampoo is salt-free and full of Keratin and arginine that deeply protects and hydrates the hair fiber. Kativa shampoo will leave your hair shiny and very soft.

Kativa post-straightening conditioner rich in antioxidants:
Kativa conditioner is a balm with a creamy texture and of course also salt-free.

Kativa conditioner is rich in natural antioxidants that together with keratin and arginine deeply hydrate your hair and make it instantly soft, manageable and manageable.

Kativa post smoothing mask:
Kativa mask is an intensive treatment with all the benefits of Arginine and keratin without formaldehyde.

The Kativa mask is specially formulated to restructure the hair and restore all its strength and natural properties.

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