A. Vogel Herbamare Original, 250 Grams

A. Vogel Herbamare Original, 250 Grams

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A. Vogel Herbamare Original, 250 Grams

A. Vogel Herbamare Original 250 Grams provides the perfect balance of vegetables and salt. This product has been made with the philosophy of being able to respect the aromas through a slow maceration of the ingredients and the mixture of vegetables and salt have been dried at a gentle temperature in a vacuum oven so that both the aromas and mineral salts are preserve.

A Vogel Herbamare Original is enriched with Pacific seaweed "Kelp" rich in iodine. Herbamare is packaged in biodegradable cardboard cans and recyclable plastic caps. Herbamare substitutes common salt to season meat, fish, vegetables, soups, sauces, eggs, etc.


Pure and unrefined sea salt free of anti-caking agents or other chemical additives
Vegetables extracted from fresh plants (watercress, onion, chives, celery, garlic, leek and lovage) from certified organic farming
Aromatic herbs extracted from fresh plants (parsley, thyme, basil, marjoram, rosemary) from certified organic farming
Kelp seaweed
Energy kJ / kcal 90/22, Carbohydrates 4.5 g, Proteins 0.5 g, Lipids <0.5 g, Iodine 520 µg (5.2 mg). Mineral salts: Sodium 36.1 g. Potassium 0.15 g, Chloride 55 g, Calcium <0.01 g., Magnesium 0.02 g. Information for allergy sufferers: Does not contain lactose, gluten or glutamate (flavor enhancer).


To achieve an optimal result with the use of A Vogel Herbamare Original 250 Gr, it is recommended to follow the following indications: Season the food to taste. It is an ideal product as a substitute for common salt in vegetable dishes, fish, soups, meat, cereals, potatoes, sauces, eggs, cheeses and in general to season any type of food and recipes.

It can be used as a cooking salt, but its maximum pleasure is enjoyed when it is used as a seasoning for raw foods. It is recommended to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A Vogel Herbamare Original 250 Gr is presented in a biodegradable cardboard container with a recyclable plastic cap that contains 250 gm.

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