Xhekpon Hand Cream, 40 ml

Xhekpon Hand Cream, 40 ml

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Xhekpon Hand Cream, 40 ml

A cream based on hydrolyzed collagen and glycerin created by Xhekpon to ensure a resistant and supple skin that softens and moisturizes your hands. 

By using this hand cream you will be able to:

Effects of Xhekpon Hand Cream:

  • Reparatory effect on skin subject to dehydration and damage from harsh external factors such as soap, chafing, cold ...

  • Contains hydrolysed collagen to help nourish, hydrate and protect the skin, keeping it healthy.

  • Rich in glycerine and fats to provide a protective, moisturising and soothing barrier for the skin.

  • High moisturizing and nourishing effect on your hands.

How to use Xhekpon Hand Cream:

Apply a small amount and rub in gently to make skin more supple and improve the appearance of your hands.

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